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CA Subjects and Syllabus 2023

CA Subjects and Syllabus 2023

In this post, aspiring chartered accountants will learn about the Foundation, Intermediate, and Final CA Syllabi and Subjects for the year 2023.

The CA Course is an intensive, multi-disciplinary program that offers in-depth instruction in a wide range of accounting, tax, auditing, corporate, and financial management topics.

The first level of the CA certification is called CA Foundation, and it consists of four courses that are quite similar to those you took in high school. However, there are a total of eight different topics covered in the CA Inter and Final curriculum.

Following is a breakdown of how the CA Course is laid out:

  • CA Foundation Course
  • CA Intermediate Course
  • CA Final Course

CA Foundation Course

Recently, the ICAI has suggested a new strategy for the CA examinations that might be implemented in 2023. The ICAI has made major adjustments to the CA Course at all levels of the new program to bring it up to international standards.

Paper 1- Accounting Principles and Procedures

You'll get 100 points for completing this assignment. This paper has a passing grade of 40%.

  • Financial Account Confirmation Statements
  • Methods of Depreciation Accounting and Ideas for Managing Stocks
  • How to Report on Unusual Financial Events
  • Partnership Accounts and Final Financial Statements for Sole Proprietors

Paper 2: Business Law, Report Writing, and Correspondence

There are two sections to this study. Part 1 covers business law and is worth 60 points, while Part 2 covers business writing and reporting and must be worth 40 points. Themes for the second research study

Part 1: Commercial Law

Part 2: Sentence Structure and Verbal Impact Part 2

Part 3: Reading Comprehension and Note Taking

Part 4: Skills in Composition

Paper 3: Business Math/Logic/Stats

There are three sections to Paper 3, and each one is worth a different amount of points. 3rd Paper Topics

Part A: Mathematical Concepts in Business

Part B: Rational Arguments

Part C: Statistic

Paper 4: Commercial and Business Studies

Part A: The Economics of Business

Part B: Commercial and Business Acumen

CA Intermediate Course

A total of 8 topics are included in the CA Intermediate curriculum. There are two sub-groups at this level. A candidate takes 4 papers in the first section of the test, and another set of 4 papers in the second section. CA hopefuls who do not pass the intermediate stage will not be allowed to go on to the finals. A student has 8 months to finish all of these topics in the CA curriculum from the ICAI.

Paper 1: Accounting

There is a maximum of 100 points available for this paper. And a pupil has three hours to do this assignment. A passing grade of 40% on this section is required.

The course material for this subject includes-

  • Accounting standard setting, covering the development of both Indian Accounting Standards (Ind ASs) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), as well as the differences between convergence and adoption, as well as the purpose and principles behind carve-outs.
  • Guidelines for Financial Statement Analysis and Presentation (as per Accounting Standards)
  • Standardized Accounting Practices
  • Company Finances Recording of One-Off Deals

Part 2: Business and Other Laws

Two sections make up this work. There are two main categories of law, the first being corporate law and the second being general law. Each of these two sections is worth 50 points.

  • Part A: Article of the Company Code
  • Part B. Other Laws

Paper 3: Cost and Management

This exam is likewise worth a total of 100 points. Among the many areas cost and management accounting explores are-

  • Introduction to Management and Cost Accounting
  • Cost and Management Accounting: An Overview.
  • Cost Accounting and Expense Estimation.
  • Expense of Substances
  • Payroll Expenses

Paper 4: Taxation

The body of this paper may be broken down into two parts. Section 1 (income tax legislation) is worth 50 points, while Section 2 (indirect taxes) is worth 50 points.

Part A: Income Tax

PART B: Indirect Tax

Paper 5: Intermediate and Advanced Topics

The total possible score on this paper is 100. An acceptable passing grade would be at least 40%.

The Range of This Subject Includes-

  • Accounting Principles Implementation. (AS – 7,9,14,18,19,20,24,26,29)
  • Implementation of ICAI Guidance Notes on various Accounting Topics.
  • Detailed considerations for Business Financials.
  • Business Restructuring.
  • Banking, insurance, and financial services financial statements.

Paper 6: Assurance and Auditing

Accounting and auditing are the topics of this paper. For this test, students have three hours to get 100 points. The following are some of the topics discussed in this class:

  • Audit's Purpose, Objective, and Scope.
  • Theories of Auditing.
  • The Method of Setting Standards.
  • Criteria for Involvement
  • Strategy, Preparation, and Execution of an Audit
  • Documentation and Proof from an Audit
  • Internal Control and Risk Analysis.

Paper 7: Strategic Management and Enterprise Information Systems

Enterprise information systems and strategic management are the two main topics covered in this study. Each of these two parts is worth 50 points.

Part A: IT Infrastructure

Part B: Management Strategies

Paper 8: Economics and Financial Management

There are also two divisions in this study. Management of finances and economics for the financial sector are the two options. Equally important, this paper is worth 100 points.

There are 800 total marks in the CA intermediate test. There is a lot of difficulty associated with this degree of CA. This is a very important test, and students should study hard for it.

CA Final Course

The ICAI offers a course syllabus for the CA program that details what will be covered in the training and what will be on the test. To become a Chartered Accountant, one must pass the CA Final Exam. To become a certified public accountant (CA), one must pass all three of these exams. There are a total of 8 different topics in the CA certification test. This examination is divided into two parts by ICAI.

Paper 1: Reporting Financial Statements

The total score for this paper is 100. Furthermore, there is a three-hour time limit on the test. The final level of this course covers the following topics:

  • Financial Statements Preparation and Presentation Framework.
  • Indian Accounting Standards and Their Implementation (IND AS).
  • Financial Statements (Both Consolidated and Individual) (as per IND AS)
  • Indian accounting standards are used to a wide variety of businesses and financial dealings.
  • Accounting for Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Paper 2: Financial Strategy

The total possible score for this paper is 100. The following are examples of the kind of things discussed in this section:

  • Economic Strategy and Corporate Planning.
  • The Indian Banking Industry.
  • Controlling Danger.
  • Threat Assessment.
  • Management of Investments Based on Estimates of Value.

Paper 3: Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics

The total possible score for this paper is 100. The following are some of the topics discussed in this course:

  • Statements, Standards, and Notes for Auditors
  • Strategic, Operational, and Tactical Auditing
  • Internal Control and Risk Analysis.
  • Taking Into Account the Unique Challenges of Auditing in a Fully Digital World.
  • Accounting for Limited Liability Corporations.
  • The Auditing Reports.
  • Special Purpose Audits and Certifications.

Paper 4: Economics and Business Law

There are two sections to this study. Both business law and economic law are important. Each of these two sections is worth 50 points.

Part 1: Business Laws

Part 2: Securities Legislation

Paper 5: Evaluation of Performance and Strategic Cost Management

Accounting and auditing are the topics of this paper. For this test, students have three hours to get 100 points. There are four main sections to this discussion:

  • Budgeting and allocating resources strategically.
  • Controlling Expenses Strategically
  • Evaluation and management of strategic performance.
  • Reporting on and assessing performance.

Paper 6: Optional

Your participation in this paper is completely voluntary. For this reason, each applicant might choose one of the optional papers listed below.

6A Financial Services and Capital Markets; 6B Risk Management; 6C Taxation Around the World, Six Dimensional Economic Laws, The 6E International Accounting Standards, Analysis of a Complex Case Across Six Disciplines

Paper 7: International Taxation and Domestic Tax Laws

There are two sections to this work. Two examples are international taxation and direct tax legislation.

Paper 8: Indirect Tax Regulations

There are two sections to this paper: the first deals with taxes on merchandise and the second on duties and FTP.

A total of 800 points will be distributed among the four sections of the final exam. In order to pass all of the tests in the finals, a student has to get at least a 40 percent. On the ICAI website, you may download the CA syllabus 2023 PDF and get insight into each topic.